NBA Draft Analysis Round 1

Posted on June 28, 2012


First Round

Pick #- Team- Player Name- HT- WT- Pos

1. New Orleans- Anthony Davis 6′ 11″ 222 lbs PF

Positive: Rebounder, shot blocker, good ball handler, can take people off the dribble

Negative: Strength/muscle, post moves

Analysis: Anthony Davis no doubt is the best player in the draft. Works hard, is a great rebounder on both ends, is an excellent shot blocker use wingspan well, very agile. Needs to develop some post moves but can attack basket and can knock down a face up jump shot.

Grade: A+

2. Charlotte- Michael Kidd- Gilchrist 6′ 8″ 233 lbs SF

Positive: Tough physical defender, excellent rebounder, attacks the rim

Negative: Consistent perimeter game

Analysis: MKG does not fill an exact need for the Bobcats, however he is arguably the second best player in the draft. When you have so many needs like they do you can not fill them all in the draft so getting the second best player is the best option. He is a great competitor, who works hard, and is a winner something the Bobcats hope they can be too.

Grade: A-

3. Washington- Bradley Beal 6′ 5″ 202 lbs SG

Positive: Amazing shooter, deep range, rebounder, high basketball IQ

Negative: A little small for SG

Analysis: Bradley Beal is arguably the best shooter in the draft; he has deep range and is a threat to shoot as soon as he cross half court. Despite being 6’ 5” he has a strong build and uses his body well to rebound.

Grade: A

4. Cleveland- Dion Waiters 6′ 4″ 212 lbs SG

Positive: Scoring machine, attacks the rim with powerful drives, good ball handler, sneaky athlete

Negative: Undersized for SG, consistent jumper

Analysis: Not the shooter that Beal is but he is a flat out scorer, and sneaky athlete think a smaller Paul Pierce. If he can develop a consistent jumper will be really dangerous offensively. Still think he is a little bit of an reach at four.

Grade: B+

5. Sacramento- Thomas Robinson 6′ 9″ 244 lbs PF

Positive: Excellent rebounder, Strong NBA body, physical tough defender, Explosive leaper, high motor

Negative: A bit undersized, floats around the perimeter too often

Analysis: This is a win-win for both Robinson and Sacramento, he goes to a great fan base and to a team where he doesn’t have to be more then what he is. Which is a high motor guy who is an excellent rebounder and physical defender with an improving offensive game.

Grade: A+

6. Portland (from Brooklyn)- Damian Lillard 6′ 3″ 189 lbs PG

Positive: Scorer, excellent penetrator, deep range, strong physical athlete, high basketball IQ

Negative: Floor vision

Analysis: The Blazers have needed a point guard for years and in a draft without a strong point guard class, they got arguably the best one. He didn’t play against the best competition but attacks the rim strong and is one of the better shooters in the draft. I think he has better floor vision and is a better passer then he gets

Grade: A-

7. Golden State- Harrison Barnes 6′ 8″ 228 lbs SF

Positive: Great fundamentals & basketball IQ, scorer, lock defender, terrific midrange game

Negative: Strength, ball handling, creating own shot, passive

Analysis: The Warriors got what I think his perfect fit for their team. Barnes’s game was never fully on display at UNC where it was expected for him to be a star. He’ll be the team’s number 1 wing defender, as well as a smooth knock down shooter.

Grade: A

8. Toronto- Terrence Ross 6′ 7″ 197 lbs SG

Positive: Excellent shooter with deep range, explosive athlete, attacks basket with quick first step

Negative: Needs to be more aggressive, strength, ball handling, shot selection

Analysis: The Raptors have done it again they have selected a guy who would be a great pick for a playoff team or team that is playoff bound but they are not. They keep drafting parts to a championship team but they are missing a Superstar or two. Ross is a good shooter and a good athlete if he becomes more aggressive can be an instant offense guy off the bench.

Grade: B+

9. Detroit- Andre Drummond 7′ 0″ 279 lbs C

Positive: NBA body, rebounder, shot-blocker, can hit open jumper

Negative: Inconsistent, disappears at times, settles for perimeter shots, foul prone

Analysis: Andre Drummond is a project, which is why he might have fell to number 9, he might have fallen to the perfect team. He has an NBA ready body and is an excellent rebounder and shot-blocker. Offensively he can hit an open jump shot teaming with Greg Monroe gives the Pistons a big front line that can be really good.

Grade: A-

10. New Orleans (from Minnesota via L.A. Clippers)- Austin Rivers 6′ 5″ 203 lbs SG

Positive: Shooter with range, good crossover, ball handling, killer instinct, confident

Negative: Gambles on defense, shot selection, not explosive leaper

Analysis: Austin Rivers is a flat out baler, he has a pro-style game offensively and was not in the right situation to showcase his talents at Duke. He reminds me a lot of a bigger Allen Iverson and I think he is a better defender then he gets credit for and Monty Williams will make sure to get that out of him. He’s more of a sixth man right now to provide instant offense but will be superstar in the league.

Grade: A+

11. Portland- Meyers Leonard 7′ 1″ 250 lbs C

Positive: Runs the floor, good rebounder & shot blocker, defensive presence in the post

Negative: Raw offensively, strength, loses focus

Analysis: The Blazers already addressed their point guard issue next biggest issue was at center and with LaMarcus Aldridge handling most of the front court responsibilities the Blazers went size in Lenoard over polish with Zeller. He’s a project but if has the potential to be a solid starting center in the league for years to come.

Grade: B

12. Houston (from Milwaukee)- Jeremy Lamb 6′ 5″ 179 lbs SG

Positive: Athletic, good midrange shooter, can move off the ball, good defender (7-foot wing span)

Negative: Strength, Inconsistent 3pt shooter

Analysis: Just like the Raptors at 8 with Ross the Rockets got a piece to the puzzle player in Jeremy Lamb. Who on a good team would be a decent rotation player off the bench who can do a little of everything. With the Rockets though he’ll probably see extended minutes and for a guy with a questionable motor that doesn’t seem likely to produce positive results.

Grade: B

13. Phoenix- Kendall Marshall 6′ 4″ 198 lbs PG

Positive: Great passer, floor vision, High basketball IQ, pure PG

Negative: Not explosive athlete, shooting, lateral quickness on defense

Analysis: The Suns showed that they think they might lose Nash this summer by drafting Marshall. Who has a lot of the same qualities that Nash brought; great passer, with excellent floor vision and a high basketball IQ and also like Nash he’ll struggle against athletic point guards. The only downside is that Marshall is not the shooter Nash is.

Grade: A-

14. Milwaukee (from Houston)- John Henson 6′ 10″ 216 lbs PF

Positive: Athletic long & lanky, great motor, rebounder, shot-blocker, defender

Negative: Strength & muscle

Analysis: Henson was a standout talent in college because of his defensive ability and is improving offensive game from year to year. However, I don’t see much upside in his game, which might be why he was available at this point in the draft. Not sure how he fits in Milwaukee but will be a decent help defender and shot blocker.

Grade: B-

15. Philadelphia- Maurice Harkless 6′ 9″ 207 lbs SF

Positive: Excellent in transition and finishing at the rim, rebounder, shot blocker

Negative: Strength, questions about motor, inconsistent shooter

Analysis: Harkless is a typical Sixer, he rebounds, blocks shots, is excellent in transition and finishes at the rim. There are question about his motor but Doug Collins has a knack of getting the most out of his players. Everything about him screams Sixer including his inability to consistently hit a jump shot.

Grade: C-

16. Houston (from New York)- Royce White 6′ 8′ 261 lbs SF

Positive: NBA body, point forward, In/Outside scorer, ball handler, passer, rebounder

Negative: Inconsistent shooter, fear of flying, off court issues, age

Analysis: White reminds me a lot of a Scottie Pippen LeBron James mix. He does a little bit of everything and does it a lot of it very well. Not the most consistent shooter in the draft but neither was LeBron when he came out. All the negatives do not involve anything on the court so with help from a good organization like Houston, White will become of the games best all-around talents.

Grade: B+

17. Dallas- Tyler Zeller 7′ 0″ 247 lbs C

Positive: Runs the floor, touch around basket, can make 18 footer, soft hands, rebounder

Negative: Strength, no explosive leaper

Analysis: (Traded rights to Cleveland) Did not think he was a great pick for Dallas but when Cleveland obtained his rights I thought it was excellent for the Cavs. Zeller runs the floor well which fits well if the up-tempo style of play has nice touch around the basket and can consistently hit the 18 footer making him a dual threat in the pick-and-roll game. He’s not going to be an all-star but is a reliable center in the league.

Grade: A-

18. Houston (from Minnesota via Utah)- Terrence Jones 6′ 10″ 252 lbs PF

Positive: Ball handler, passer, scorer, versatile forward

Negative: floats around perimeter, poor body language, inconsistent motor

Analysis: Terrence Jones can be a very good player in the league he is a good rebounder and shot-blocker. He has the skills to play out on the perimeter and the size to battle with the big boys down low. Think Kevin Durant without the shooting touch but with more size.

Grade: B+

19. Orlando- Andrew Nicholson 6′ 10″ 234 lbs PF

+Positive: Excellent hands, shot-blocker, attacks the rim, good shooter with 3pt range

Negative: Rebounder, consistency

Analysis: Nicholson is stretch four that can also score in the post and attack the basket. He’s got good size but needs to add muscle. Is a very good shot-blocker for not being super athletic. Needs to be a better rebounder, good frontcourt rotation player.

Grade: B+

20. Denver- Evan Fournier 6′ 7″ 206 lbs SG

Positive: Smooth scorer, penetrator, midrange shooter

Negative: Strength, 3pt range, lateral quickness on defense

Analysis: If Denver brings him over can be a good rotation wing, has a smooth game to him, gets to the basket and a good midrange game. If he can increase his range to beyond the 3pt line can become an extremely good sixth man. Still think he might be a year away however so not in love with picking him here.

Grade: C

21. Boston- Jared Sullinger 6′ 9″ 268 lbs PF

Positive: Strong physical player, high basketball IQ, face up game, dominant rebounder,

Negative: Conditioning issues, lack of explosion

Analysis: Can be the absolute steal of the draft projected as a top 10 pick for much of the year. Excellent low post game and can hit the face up jump shoot. Very strong rebounder and physical player who uses his body well. Concerns about his conditioning and his back but if he’s healthy can give the Celtics a really good low post option of the bench.

Grade: A-

22. Boston (From L.A. Clippers via OKC)- Fab Melo 7′ 0″ 255 lbs C

Positive: Big physical defender, rebounder, shot blocker

Negative: Raw offensively, low basketball IQ

Analysis: Had he been able to play in the tournament this past March might have been a lottery pick. He is a big physical defender, shot blocker and can rebound well on both sides of the floor. Is very raw offensively but the Celtics have a lot of scores and Rondo makes the game easier for everyone. Great fit for Celtics who needed size and someone who can crash the boards especially on offensive end.

Grade: A-

23. Atlanta- John Jenkins 6′ 4″ 212 lbs SG

Positive: Shooter with range

Negative: Lacks ideal size, lateral quickness on defense

Analysis: Many see Jenkins as the best pure shooter in the draft. He has deep range and super quick release. A little undersized and can be a liability on defense. A specialist player who will come off the bench and contribute night in night out.

Grade: B-

24. Cleveland- Jared Cunningham 6′ 5″ 188 lbs SG

Positive: Slasher, quick first step, good motor, uses length to steal ball

Negative: Strength, jump shot

Analysis: (Traded right to Dallas) A lot of people are comparing Cunningham to Russell Westbrook when he came out I do not think Cunningham is as athletic as Westbrook but I think Cunningham is the better slasher. Right now he is just a slashing shooting guard but I believe Dallas is hoping he can develop into good combo guard who can run the offense or play off the ball and knock down shots.

Grade: B-

25. Memphis- Tony Wroten Jr. 6′ 6″ 203 lbs PG

Positive: Court vision, spectacular passer, powerful finisher at rim

Negative: Jump shot, control, shot selection

Analysis: I think Tony Wroten Jr. was a player every team gave a good look at from 15 down, because of what he can do, and that’s pass the ball. He doesn’t have a good jump shot but he can still control the game with his passes, he needs to be come a better floor general and play more under control but as a back up in Memphis who can help push the tempo I think is a perfect fit. Remember Grizzlies starting point guard Mike Conley wasn’t the best shooter coming out either and Memphis help develop him into a good knock down shooter.

Grade: B

26. Indiana- Miles Plumlee 7′ 0″ 252 lbs PF

Positive: Physical, runs the floor, rebounder, excellent motor

Negative: Raw offensively, Inconsistent

Analysis: A big time reach, Plumlee was projected as a mid-to-late second round pick. Great motor, runs the floor well and rebounds on both ends of the court. Didn’t show the vertical leap that he showed during workouts in games. Very strong player with decent footwork who is extremely raw offensively.

Grade: C-

27. Miami- Arnett Moultrie 6′ 11″ 233 lbs PF

Positive: Athletic explosive leaper, runs the floor, offensive rebounder

Negative: Strength, free throw shooter, floats around perimeter

Analysis: (Traded rights to Philadelphia) Moultrie is a guy that would have been a good fit with either the Heat or the Sixers. He’s going to Philadelphia where his ability to play away from the basket will help the many slashers they have. For a guy who is a good shooter he struggles at the free throw line has good size but tends to float around the perimeter.

Grade: B-

28. Oklahoma City- Perry Jones 6’11” 234 lbs PF

Positive: Runs the floor, rebounder, versatile forward, scorer

Negative: Passive, doesn’t dominate, Inconsistent

Analysis: A knee issue, and lack of increase in production from his freshman to sophomore year led to his downfall out of the lottery. He has the talent and skills on both ends of the court to be one of the best players from the draft class and even the NBA. Goes to a great team in OKC were they won’t ask him to do too much like if he was drafted in the lottery, here he will just be asked to be one of the guys.

Grade: A

29. Chicago- Marquis Teague 6′ 2″ 180 lbs PG

Positive: Quick first step, pushes tempo, attacks basket, solid court vision

Negative: Perimeter shot, control

Analysis: If Derrick Rose didn’t get injured (we might have different NBA Champions), and the bulls might have looked to get some perimeter shooting with this pick. However, he did get hurt and the Bulls got a guy who can steady the ship and be quality backup as he still develops his game (he’s only 19). Teague can come in the push the tempo, attack the basket and has good court vision. He just plays a little wild at times needs to become a better floor general.

Grade: A-

30. Golden State (from San Antonio)- Festus Ezeli 7′ 0″ 254 lbs C

Positive: Runs the floor, offensive rebounder, shot-blocker

Negative: Low basketball IQ, post moves, passive

Analysis: Ezeli will get an opportunity to show that he can contribute right away for a Warriors team that has plenty of scoring options. He is big and plays just as big, good rebounder especially on the offensive end and is a good defender and shot-blocker. Works hard for his baskets but can be passive at times. With a strong showing this summer can be the first big off the bench.

Grade: B+

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