NBA Draft Analysis Round 2

Posted on June 28, 2012


Second Round

Pick #- Team- Player Name- HT- WT- Pos

31. Charlotte- Jeff Taylor 6’ 7” 212 lbs SF

Positive: Super athletic wing defender, explosive leaper, excels at getting to rim, quick first step

Negative: Creating own shot, ball handling

Analysis: Really and truly seems like a poor man’s version of MKG who the Bobcats drafted with the second overall pick in the first round. Needs to work on his shot and ball handling skills but is a hard worker and has potential to be a lockdown defender.

Grade: C+

32. Washington- Tomas Satoransky 6’ 8” 201 lbs SG

Positive: Active hands defensively, High basketball IQ, Excellent ball handler, great floor vision

Negative: Inconsistent shooter, strength

Analysis: Not likely to becoming to the NBA anytime soon.

Grade: F

33. Cleveland- Bernard James 6’ 10” 230 lbs C

Positive: Strong athletic, Excellent defender & shot-blocker

Negative: Old for his class

Analysis: (Traded rights to Dallas) Bernard James served three tours of duty in Iraq and is probably the most matured player in the draft. He is big, rebounds, shot-blocks and plays good defense. He seems like a capable backup who can be serviceable for many years.

Grade: B-

34. Cleveland- Jae Crowder 6’ 7” 241 lbs SF

Positive: Tough physical, excellent motor, NBA body, good rebounder, versatile defender

Negative: Undersize, no define position

Analysis: (Traded rights to Dallas) He is listed at 6 foot 7 inches but many believe him to be smaller than that and at either forward position that is really undersized. He is a blue-collar worker though with a good frame and rebounds. He is a tough physical defender and has a great motor which could land him a roster spot and a team needing to fill out it’s roster with cheap hard working players.

Grade: B-

35. Golden State (from Brooklyn)- Draymond Green 6’ 8” 236 lbs SF

Positive: High basketball IQ, Shooter with deep range, great passer, very good rebounder

Negative: Lack of explosion, plays below the rim, lateral quickness

Analysis: Green has all the potential to be a true professional, he has a high basketball IQ to go along with a high motor and can be a knock down shooter. This is a steal for the Warriors early in the second round as he has first round talent and chould be a big contributor of the bench.

Grade: A-

36. Sacramento- Orlando Johnson 6’ 5” 224 lbs SG

Positive: NBA body, shooter with 3pt range, penetrator, rebounder

Negative: Shot selection, jack-of-all trades master of none

Analysis: (Traded rights to Indiana) Johnson is a really good combo guard who can score in a variety of ways. He is an above average defender and also is a really good rebounder for his size. Johnson should be able to make the team as he can provide instant offense off the bench and also play a little spot PG if needed.

Grade: B-

37. Toronto- Quincy Acy 6’ 6” 224 lbs SF

Positive: High motor, nose for the ball, quick long athletic forward

Negative: Offensively raw, undersize

Analysis: Acy is a tough aggressive forward who was able to play the PF spot in college but lack of height would likely have him see time at SF where he’s still a bit undersized. Is very raw offensively but attacks the rim strong, with some development can be a good rotational player.

Grade: C+

38. Denver (from Golden State via New York)- Quincy Miller 6’ 10” 219 lbs SF

Positive: Versatile skilled forward, high basketball IQ, excellent rebounder & shot-blocker

Negative: Strength, relies heavily on jump shot

Analysis: Miller never really showcased his talent last year, and if he stayed in school could have been a lottery pick next year. Has all the skills be one of the better overall players in the draft.

Grade: B-

39. Detroit- Khris Middleton 6’ 8” 216 lbs SF

Positive: Excellent midrange game, good floor vision, deceptive athlete with long arms

Negative: Strength, inconsistent from beyond the arc, lateral quickness

Analysis: Injuries kept him from being a mid-to-late first round pick, but he gives something Detroit desperately needs and that is a smooth crafty scorer.

Grade: B

40. Portland (from Minnesota via Houston)- Will Barton 6’ 6” 174 lbs SG

Positive: Big-time scorer, shooter with deep range, midrange game, aggressive offensively, good motor

Negative: Strength, streaky from behind the arc, shot selection

Analysis: Will Barton could have easily been a late first round pick, but here in the second round he has great value. Aside from being a tad streaky from behind the arc he is one of the most dynamic scores in the draft and could probably start for a few teams on opening night.

Grade: B+

41. Portland- Tyshawn Taylor 6’ 4” 177 lbs PG

Positive: Combo guard, quick first step, high basketball IQ, defender with quick hands

Negative: Inconsistent jumper, range on jumper, ball handling

Analysis: (Traded rights to Brooklyn) Taylor right now is very capable backup PG, needs to work on his shot and also cut down on the bonehead mistakes. He will push the tempo and cause havoc on the defensive end here in the second round gives you good value.

Grade: B-

42. Milwaukee- Doron Lamb 6’ 5” 199 lbs SG

Positive: Big-time scorer, smooth midrange game, ball handler, athlete with big wingspan

Negative: Strength, undersized

Analysis: Lamb is a good option coming off the bench to provide offense. A little undersized at the SG spot but you really adding him to the rotation for his offensive numbers rather then his ability to shutdown the opposition.

Grade: B-

43. Atlanta (from Phoenix)- Mike Scott 6’ 9” 241 lbs PF

Positive: Excellent rebounder, Inside/out scorer, nice jumper with 3pt range, high motor

Negative: Age, not elite athlete, ankle concerns, undersized

Analysis: Could be a second steal, he was a really good scorer last year and while he might not be the guy you want to build a franchise around he is a great piece to a playoff team puzzle. Should be a rotational big who provides energy, points and boards off the bench.

Grade: B-

44. Detroit (from Houston)- Kim English 6’ 6” 192 lbs SG

Positive: Shooter with deep range, moves well without the ball

Negative: Creating own shot, struggles to shoot of the bounce, strength

Analysis: English is the typical catch and shoot player, he struggles to create his own shot and needs to become stronger. He is a specialist and there are always roster spots available for a guy who can shoot the ball like he can.

Grade: C+

45. Philadelphia- Justin Hamilton 6 11” 264 lbs C

Positive: Runs the floor, nice touch around the basket, solid jump shot

Negative: Inconsistent, strength

Analysis: (Traded rights to Miami) Hamilton was a much better in workouts and draft camps then his last year at LSU. The Heat could really use his height, touch around the rim and solid jump shot and ability to run the floor.

Grade: C+

46. New Orleans (from Dallas)- Darius Miller 6’ 8” 233 lbs SF

Positive: Spot-up shooter, 3pt range, solid penetrator

Negative: Struggles to control penetration as a defender, never been a starter

Analysis: Miller is a great second round pick, comes from a winning program, was a reliable sixth man who gives a little bit of everything of the bench. Adds depth among the wings and can be a solid rotational player.

Grade: B-

47. Utah- Kevin Murphy 6’ 6” 194 lbs SF

Positive: Excellent shooter with deep range, smooth midrange game, quick first step

Negative: Strength, struggled against tougher competition

Analysis: Murphy is a flat out scorer who needs to get stronger, he struggled against tougher physical teams. Is a nice pick who can develop into an instant offense option off the bench.

Grade: B-

48. New York- Kostas Papanikolaou 6’ 8” 230 lbs SF

Positive: High basketball IQ, high motor, physically tough, aggressive defender, shooter with range, rarely makes a mistake on offense

Negative: Lacks elite athleticism, 3pt shot, struggle to create his own shot

Analysis: Not likely to becoming to the NBA anytime soon.

Grade: F

49. Orlando- Kyle O’Quinn 6’ 10” 241 lbs C

Positive: Rebounder, scorer in paint, very good defender & shot-blocker, decent perimeter shooter

Negative: Inconsistent motor, low basketball IQ

Analysis: Grab the nation’s eye in the NCAA tournament and just kept rolling in pre-draft tournaments and workouts. He lacks great athletic ability, but he is a hard-worker who competes around the basket on both ends. Can be solid rotational big who could be a legitimate scoring big.

Grade: B

50. Denver- Izzet Turkyilmaz 7’ 0” 210 lbs PF

Positive: good shooter, attacks the rim

Negative: Lack of experience, strength

Analysis: Not likely to becoming to the NBA anytime soon.

Grade: F

51. Boston- Kris Joseph 6’ 7” 215 lbs SF

Positive: High motor, midrange jumper

Negative: Strength, average basketball IQ, shot

Analysis: Joseph is an extremely athletic player, who really hasn’t developed a solid game and not quite sure what position he is going to play in the league. He has a high motor and can knock down a midrange shot. If anyone can find a position for him it’ll be Boston.

Grade: C

52. Golden State (from Atlanta)- Ognjen Kuzmic 7’ 0” 240 lbs C

Positive: High motor, rebounder

Negative: Strength, raw offensively

Analysis: Not likely to becoming to the NBA anytime soon.

Grade: F

53. LA Clippers- Furkan Aldemir 6’ 9” 220 lbs PF

Positive: Strong physical player, good rebounder

Negative: undersize, lacks athleticism

Analysis: He is an undersized center playing out of position, but he knows how to rebound using his body and attacks the glass. Might make the team but I still think he is a little raw offensively and might be a year or two away.

Grade: D+

54. Philadelphia- Tornike Shengelia 6’ 9” 220 lbs SF

Positive: High motor, tough long athletic forward, active on glass, ball handler

Negative: jump shot

Analysis: (Traded rights to Brooklyn via Memphis) He is a hard working player who is a crafty scorer. Needs to work on jump shot but he does a lot of the dirty work and really works hard for the points he does get. Could be a solid rotation player and provide some offense and good minutes of the bench.

Grade: C+

55. Dallas- Darius Johnson-Odom 6’ 3” 212 lbs G

Positive: Strong physical scoring guard, shooter with deep range, defender

Negative: Undersized, weak finisher off the dribble

Analysis: (Trade rights to L.A. Lakers) Undersized but plays tough and physical, is a lockdown defender who can let the ball fly. Good fit in L.A. where he can be a good spot up shooter and good guard defender.

Grade: B-

56. Toronto (from Indiana)- Tomislav Zubcic 6’ 11” 229 lbs SF

Positive: Shooter with 3pt range, ball handler, aggressive scorer

Negative: Strength, defender, experience against top talent

Analysis: Not likely to becoming to the NBA anytime soon.

Grade: F

57. Brooklyn (from Miami)- Ilkan Karaman 6’ 9” 236 lbs PF

Positive: Active on the glass, decent range on jump shot

Negative: raw overall, lacks experience

Analysis: Not likely to becoming to the NBA anytime soon.

Grade: F

58. Minnesota (from Oklahoma City)- Robbie Hummel 6’ 9” 218 lbs SF

Positive: Sharpshooter with 3pt range, good passing skills, high motor, hard worker

Negative: Strength, average athlete, defense

Analysis: Had it not been for a few knee injuries Hummel has mid-to late first round talent. He does a little bit of everything and is a flat out knock down shooter. Should make the roster as Kevin Love (PF) is the teams best 3pt shooter.

Grade: B+

59. San Antonio- Marcus Denmon 6’ 3” 188 lbs SG

Positive: Efficient SG, shooter with deep range, good finisher at the basket, protects the ball

Negative: undersized

Analysis: Denmon doesn’t have a really defined position, he’s a really good shooter and can finish at the basket but lacks SG size and doesn’t really have PG ball skills. Can be a very solid piece to the Spurs puzzle.

Grade: B

60. LA Lakers (Lakers receive the Bulls’ 2012 second-round pick, via Bucks (John Salmons trade), via Nets (Chris Douglas- Roberts trade) or Lakers can decide to receive cash instead of the second-round pick)- Robert Sacre 7’ 0” 263 lbs C

Positive: Scores in the paint, excellent shot-blocker, good rebounder

Negative: raw offensively, strength

Analysis: He’s a legitimate third team possible back up center who’s not going to be an everyday contributor but can give you solid minutes if he makes the roster.

Grade: B-

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